Postal Support

Our postal support service allows you to ship your device to our partner, who will then complete repairs as necessary and return the device to you. You’ll be provided with a free shipping label, or if you prefer you can drop your item off at one of the nearby drop-off points. Our postal support is available in the UK, Ireland, and all countries of the EU.

If the device cannot be repaired, or parts are not available you will not be charged for the support – only for the shipping costs of returning it to you.

  • Suitable for devices not turning on as expected.
  • Suitable for physcially damaged devices.
  • Suitable for devices unexpectedly turning off during use.
  • Suitable for devices with poor battery performance.
  • Suitable for when you have forgotten or lost your device login credentials.

If you are experiencing an issue, and require support, please complete the evaluation form by clicking on the button below. We look forward to hearing from you.